Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Whether boot cut, skinny, dark-washed, light-washed, these celebs know how to do denim! Check out these jean-ius ideas from these celebs ;) 

1) Khloe Kardashian
This look is all about monochrome, simple, easy, and yes absolutely stylish. Just pair up your sweater and jeans, and then style it up with your favorite heels and hat. 

Steal her look with Boyfriend Ripped Jeans from Something Borrowed. You can get this item from Zalora  

2) These bloggers know how to pulled of their boyfriend jeans. Add a touch of femininity, with your heels or pair your boyfriend jeans with your peplum top. 

Steal this look with Lola Skye light wash boyfriend jean from Zalora

3) Freshen up your look with this colored denims. Wearing colored denim can be tricky, mixing your colored denim with pattern top is great, but remember the pattern should consist of neutral colors or color of the denim. 

Steal this look with Mango Newpaty Skinny Jeans from Zalora

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